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This is our Family Story

My great-grandfather, Francisco Di Leone was born on February 11, 1891. His parents, Carmine Di Leone and Domenica Ferraro were native of Morano Calabro, Region of Calabria, in the Province of Cosenza.

He emigrated to Argentina from Genova, in a boat named Garibaldi, arriving in Argentina on November 24, 1913.

He got married to Rosa Ferrari on July 6, 1918.

Rosa Ferrari was the daughter of Leonardo Ferrari and Rosa Donato, both Italians.

Their children were; Francisco Di Leone II, Ada Di Leone, Rosa Di Leone, Dominga Di Leone and Leonardo Jose Di Leone.

Leonardo Jose Di Leone was born in January of 1922 and married Angela Irma Martinez on  December 5th, 1942.

They had two male children, Jose Alberto Di Leone,  born on October 5th, 1946 and Victor Hugo Di Leone born on January 6, 1951.

Victor Hugo Di Leone got married to Mary Panebianco and they had two children, Gustavo Ariel Di Leone and Soledad Irma Di Leone.

Jose Alberto Di Leone gone to Venezuela in 1969 arriving at Caracas and being transferred at the Margarita island where married with Egylda Velasquez at day 3 of January of 1969 and with whom had 3 children called; Leonardo Di Leone, Eugelio Alberto Di Leone and Kristhofer David Di Leone.

Kristhofer David Di Leone had a called son Andres David Di Leone who born in the city of Puerto La Cruz the day 1ro. of September of 1999.

Leonardo Di Leone had his first called son Leonardo Gabriel Di Leone was who born  in the city of Atlanta the 4 of May of 2001 the mother of this kid died when the baby was just 10 months of been born, Leonardo Jose Di Leone maried again to one second wife with who it had a second son born the 9 of September of the 2003 called Santino Alesandro Di Leone
Leonardo Di Leone II

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